Steve Jobs’ Doctor Wants You To Get A Flu Shot. Watch

Cultivate Om in the Office. Watch

TEDMED 2009 talk by Dr. Agus on “A New Strategy in the War on Cancer”

  • Too often, says David Agus, cancer treatments have a short-sighted focus on individual cells. He suggests a new, cross-disciplinary approach, using atypical drugs, computer modeling, and protein analysis to diagnose and treat the whole body. Watch

Dr. Agus at the Aspen Ideas Festival

  • Dr. Murray Gell-Mann, Nobel Laureate in Physics, interviews Dr. Agus on new approaches to cancer at the 2010 Aspen Ideas Festival at the Aspen Institute. Watch
  • Dr. Agus interviews Pulitzer-Prize winning writer and physician Siddhartha Mukherjee on “What is the Future of Cancer?” at the 2011 Aspen Ideas Festival. Watch
  • Dr. Agus on a panel discussing “Collaboration and the Cure for Cancer.” Watch

TEDxUSC 2010 talk by Dr. Agus on “Technology and the Future of Medicine”

  • The future of technology in healthcare is inevitable, as are technological methods to cure cancer that are being researched at USC. Watch

GQ Rock Stars of Science Series of Interviews

  • “Why Guys Avoid Docs.” Watch
  • “Dare to Know Your Genes.” Watch


  • Lance Armstrong and Dr. Agus discuss how patients can advocate for themselves, and the obligation of the cured. Watch


  • Dr. Agus shows how, when prescribing treatment, doctors and government guidelines need to view the body as a network and not a series of isolated nodes, using vitamin D supplementation as an example. Watch
  • Through a heartwarming story, David Agus discusses how doctors need to report the positives of new drugs and treatments to the medical community so we can help each other take steps towards curing terminal diseases, using the development of a new brain cancer therapy as the example. Watch


  • Dr. Agus on the Charlie Rose Show in 2008 discussing “Personal Genetics.” Watch
  • Connie Chung interviews Dr. Agus at the 92nd Street Y  Watch
  • Dr. Agus at DLD2012 Watch
  • Dr. Agus talks with Dr. Oz at the World Economic Forum Live  Watch

Khan Academy.  Dr. Agus speaking with Sal Khan talking on:

  • “Systemic Thinking About Cancer and Other Things.” Watch
  • “Vitamin C and the Limeys.” Watch
  • “Inflammation.” Watch