To email Dr. Agus please fill out the form below. Please bear in mind that Dr. Agus cannot diagnose or treat you through email, or comment on individual health challenges. One of the most common questions Dr. Agus receives is the one asking for recommendations to good doctors in specific geographic locations. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have a list of all doctors from which to make specific, personal referrals in local areas. One of the chief reasons he wrote the book is to empower individuals like you to work with your physician—and find the one that will match your needs based on your unique value system. Remember also that the book isn’t intended to be a specific prescription for you; the data and ideas expressed are meant to challenge you to think differently and to discuss any relevant information with your physician. If you don’t have a doctor you like (or one at all), then it’s time to change that. Start by asking your friends and the people you trust about their physicians and experiences. Your choice in a doctor is a key health care decision. Do the research and discuss with lots of people—together you can prevent illness!

More than anything, your questions, concerns, and stories shared here will be used to generate feedback and insights that Dr. Agus can address through his blog or other avenues that allow him to respond to the general public—all of which adds to a collective voice and a united front on the war to end illness. Rest assured that your emails will remain in confidence. Thanks in advance for your important input.

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